Men and Infertility - How has it affected you?  

Participant information

Please read the information below carefully:

This questionnaire invites men to share their experiences of fertility problems. The questionnaire is being conducted by Leeds Beckett University in partnership with Fertility Network UK. We are conducting this research because little is known about how men understand, experience and cope with fertility issues. The responses we receive will be analysed and publicised to raise awareness of men’s needs – we will also present our findings to health professionals so that men’s concerns are taken on board in advice and support settings for infertility. We will produce a report and publications from this research.

Taking part in the research is voluntary and the questionnaire involves answering a number of open questions about your experiences of infertility, with some demographic information for you to complete at the end. You can write as little or as much as you like and you do not have to answer any questions which you do not want to. All responses will be completely anonymous and confidential. This does mean that your responses will not be able to be withdrawn from the survey once you have completed them as we will have no way of identifying you. Only the research team will have access to the data from this survey and the data will be held securely by the research team and used for the purposes detailed above.

The questionnaire has received ethical approval from Leeds Beckett University and if you have any questions about the questionnaire you can contact the research team [Lead Researcher: Dr Esmée Hanna, Centre for Health Promotion Research, 505 Calverley Building, Leeds Beckett University, Leeds, LS1 3HE 0113 8125916] or the independent contact for this project which is Dr Diane Lowcock, Senior Lecturer in Health Promotion at Leeds Beckett University (

If the questionnaire raises any issues for you, you can seek independent advice or support from MensFe, an online charity aimed at supporting men who are experiencing fertility problems, you can contact them via email: or through their website  

Q1To begin the survey, read the following statements, and check the appropriate boxes:
 I have read and understood the information describing the aims and content of this survey and have been given enough information to help me decide to take part 

 I am 16 years or older 

 I identify as a man  

 I understand that by completing this survey (submitting my answers electronically) I consent to take part in this research under the terms detailed above 
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