Thank you for participating in this survey

What is this project about?

DesignMyFuture (DMF, is an EU-funded Strategic Partnership Project focused on developing ways to reduce early school leaving, promote positive decision making and prevent young people from entering the job market with insufficient skills.

Who is involved in the DMF project?

DMF is led by Dr Mhairi Beaton and Dr Marc Fabri from Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom. Project partners are organisations working with young people in a number of European countries: Ahead Partnership (Leeds, UK), University of Tromso (Norway), CESIE (Italy), PIN (Portugal) and the National Education Institute (Slovenia). If you would like to contact the project team, please visit

Why am I being contacted?

We are conducting an online survey amongst secondary school teachers across Europe and we would like to learn from your experiences. Our aim is to better understand how teachers support young people in developing and communicating their identity, or in other words the understanding of their skills, interests, competences and developmental needs.

What questions will I be asked?

We are particularly interested in the support you give to young people from disadvantaged and marginalised groups. They generally find the process of developing and communicating their identity more challenging than many of their peers, resulting in an increased risk of early school leaving.

We would like to know about positive examples of support – what works and why. Some of our questions may make you recall difficult situations of support. If this affects you, please be assured that you can withdraw your participation at any time and stop the survey.

What happens to the information that is gathered?

The information gathered through the survey will be used by the project team to inform the development of training materials for teachers, guidance materials for parents as well as the design of a game for young people. We also plan to publish our findings in project reports, blogs and academic papers.

You will be given the choice, in the consent form, whether to stay anonymous or whether your name and affiliation may be included alongside selected quotes used in publications.

The ultimate and longer-term goal is to reduce early school leaving across Europe.

What if I do not wish to complete the survey or change my mind once I submit my responses?

If you decide not to complete the survey, any data collected up to that point will then not be used.

After submitting your responses, you can withdraw your data, without giving a reason, up to the point when all survey data will have been anonymised and amalgamated. After that point, your data cannot be excluded anymore. To request withdrawal, contact Dr Marc Fabri ( and state your name or nickname.

If you have been negatively affected by any of the issues dealt with in the survey, you may contact the following professional support service: Education Support Telephone Counselling  0800 0 562 561 (day or night),

What do I have to do now?

Thank you for reading this information sheet. We look forward to receiving your completed survey and consent form.

If you have any further questions, please email Dr Marc Fabri at or call +44 0113 81 23317.

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